What to consider before you buy?

What to consider before you buy?

OK, you’ve decided you want a new sofa. So, lets discuss a few things you should consider before you make that purchase, so you get the perfect sofa for you and your home.

Is it Family friendly?


A big one to consider when purchases new furniture for your home is, is it going to be family friendly, will the kids connect the polka dot theme, or will the hoover be out more than you’re on the sofa because of the dog.

Take into account colour, texture and feel of a sofa you like. If you have children or pets, you probably want a fabric that is both durable and easy to clean so keep it looking newer for longer.

 Does the Sofa or Suite fit?

You always need to consider weather your perfect sofa or suite fits in the room, and we don’t just mean fit between your TV stand and DVD cabinet. Be sure you can get your new sofa through the door!

Make sure you measure not just the space where you want your new sofa but the size of your door. It’s always a good idea to take the wide, volume and height of any sofa or suite you’re looking at so you can work out whether it will fit through your door and into the perfect space.

Does it match the room?

Are you a Fung Shui Guru? How does the room flow?

OK, this isn’t everyone but you do want to make sure that the colours are right for your room or is it best to have a recliner for your games room or a sofabed for your office/guest room.

Whatever room you’re looking for we’ll have a sofa or suite to fit perfectly. 

How are you paying for it? 

Last, but definitely not least. How are you paying for your new furniture? This can be a deciding factor on which sofa you choose, or when you buy.

Here at North Lakes Sofas we offer multiple payment options including any card payment, the use of Splitit or Buy Now Pay in 30 Days which you can split the payment into 3-monthly payments, adding no interest or extra charges.

Take a look at our range here.

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