We Can Remove Your Old Sofa

Need your old sofa removed? 
We can help.

If you have a sofa that needs taken away, so you can fit your brand new sofa in, we are only too happy to help.  
Saving you a trip to the tip or getting the item delivered to someone else.

We do have a couple of stipulations with this and costs vary.

1) If the item is still in tact and can be used we will take it away.  Rips and tears are all OK and can be accepted. £15 Charge.

2) If the item is damaged and cannot be used again, e.g. broken legs or sofa structure broken or damaged, we can remove this for you at a cost of £25.

This service allows you to keep your current sofa up until your brand new sofa arrives.

You can pay the driver when he arrives to do the delivery either by card payment or cash.